The term "carat" has origins in the legend of the carob tree, an ancient tale that influenced the valuation of diamonds. According to legend, carob seeds had a constant weight, becoming a reliable reference point for weighing precious objects, including diamonds. One carat is equivalent to 0.20 grams, making a five-carat diamond approximately one gram.

The carat represents the measurement of the weight of a diamond, divided into 100 "points". For example, a half-carat stone is considered a "50-point diamond." Although diamond price increases with carat weight, because larger diamonds are rarer, carat should be considered a guide, not the sole determinant in your choice. The visible size of a diamond is not strictly linked to the carat; measurements, such as cut, play a significant role. A well-cut diamond, even one with a lower carat weight, may appear larger and exhibit greater brilliance than a heavier diamond but with a less favorable cut.